Thin Places

Words often seem so inadequate when talking about God but once in awhile a word or phrase comes along that just grabs our hearts and we know instantly what it means. A “thin place” is just such a phrase for ... Read more ...


  1. Colleen,
    I love that phrase! "Thin places" is a perfect way of decribing those special times and places where we especially sense God's presence :)

  2. Colleen,
    I'm with Mary- that is a wonderful phrase. Fr. Joseph Homick writes about how God "lifts the veil" for us in certain ways. It is the same idea- it allows us to have those very special "God Moments" or as you call them Sabbath Moments.
    Thanks for this beautiful article and for helping us to be more aware of those thin places.

  3. Mary, thank you! I agree!

    Karinann, thank you! I like that expression too - lifting the veil. I have even heard it called the thin veil. It is so hard to describe these God moments so I think words like these help.


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