8 Jul 2011

Clarification on ACWB & Guild

Sadly one of our blog authors has been removed from posting on this Guild due to mentioning the ACWB. Apparently a woman objected & was of the opinion that the ACWB was set up in opposition to this guild. I can catagorically state that the ACWB was something I have long been planning. I love many of the American forums on true Catholic feminity & womanhood & a lot of British women are superb inspiration as Catholic women, mothers, grandmothers etc. Perhaps the ACWB differs also in not discussing Liturgical issues & preferences. We don't have stipulations as to what kind of Catholic/Christian women can join.The forum is proving enormously successful. Quite a few of our blog authors appear regularly on EWTN. We have 62 followers & 36 authors. We discuss our faith, families, difficulties etc & provide support. we are blessed in having 3 priest authors who provide much spiritual inspiration. I would like to invite any women who write for the Guild to join us in celebrating authentic Catholic womanhood. We have no issues with our members joining any other associations. They are free to belong to whatever they like. However it seems as though ACWB authors are not welcome on this Guild & it was suggested that they stick to one or other which is rather strange. Any Guild female writer or the new female editor is more than welcome to write on feminine issues & faith. Contact me on jacquelineparkes@hotmail.co.uk for more details .


  1. Sadly, some people - including myself - saw this kind of thing coming. Thankfully the ACWB is not so exclusive and suspicious. Of the two I much prefer the ACWB and I hope that those who run the other blog which is under the patronage of a wonderful Carmelite saint will think again.

  2. Thank you for speaking out Jackie :)

  3. Sorry to hear this but not totally surprised.
    There will always be dangers when any newly formed body becomes too exclusive. ACWB however, is refreshing. It is a good place to visit after a long day. I feel welcome, I find kindness, support and true inspiration from likeminded ladies who love the faith.

  4. I've just left a comment asking them to clarify.
    I hope it's a mistake, or at least that the Guild blogger concerned will, as Fr Abberton says, think again.
    Of course bloggers can contribute to any number of blogs.
    Silly clubbishness on the catholic blogosphere is embarrassing and off putting.

  5. I have followed the birth pangs and subsequent growth of the Guild project eager that it will be an inclusive, charitable association having been repelled by the venom and infighting of much of the Catholic blogosphere.
    I aired my concern that women were represented in Rome and they were. I have examined the posts and comments of the originator of the idea and found nothing but charity and good-will to all including the woman who now feels aggrieved.
    I saw reluctance by some, including those involved with the other blog in question and concern at the photograph of the first London meeting showing mainly men but ALL were welcome, All invited.

    This is not a competition.
    I am delighted the women's blog is successful but the object was a collective blog for all.

    Extract from a post by the Guild blog originator dated 29 April 2011:

    "I honestly believe that a Guild of Catholic Bloggers would help those of us who blog grow closer to each other in love. We would be able to meet face to face, in the real world, and get to know one another as Christians should. We could care for each others' needs, physical and spiritual, and pray together in unity and peace. It might be possible to use Guild meetings to seek reconciliation and forgiveness - for, in the heat of online arguments, it can be too easy to fall out or say things that are designed to hurt. A Guild of Catholic Bloggers could also arrange for spiritual retreats and conferences, or workshops designed to get the most out of blogging. It could also facilitate talks by experienced and holy bloggers, who would be able to guide those who wish to turn their blogs into tools of the new evangelisation or aids to holiness".

  6. I don't really like anonymous comments...& don't usually post them like Fr Ray Blake. If the idea was " a collective blog for all " I'm presuming that includes members of the ACWB too?

  7. Who the Hell is the Guild? Guess I won't be going to them if they are so close minded.

  8. Unfortunately although anon says ALL are invited there were some "magisterium" stipulations which might exclude some ...Anyway..the ACWB is not in "opposition" to any blog but a very real attempt for women to meet & discuss things especially pertinent to their special vocation in the Church.

  9. Me too, Jackie ,
    and what is anon getting at ? if your reading this please clarify and identify!

  10. Anon
    I think you may be missing the point.
    The nub of the issue seems to be, not the representation of women on the Guild blog, but the idea that a blogger from here is not welcome to blog over there too.
    As though the two are opposed to eachother somehow and you must chose either/or rather than both.

  11. @Clare and Anon.

    I do not understand the problem.
    A quick check through the Guild archive shows five posts by Diddleymaz there so where does the idea that ACWB members are not welcome come from?

    The two blogs are different and equally valuable and open to all as I see it but I do not know what is going on.
    I do know all the people involved are doing their best and need our prayers. This is misunderstanding and the enthusiasm of something new.
    Can those involved email each other? It's sad for readers and commenters who are just beginning to enjoy and understand the two blogs. xxx

  12. Molly , I am now barred from Guild only reason given was that I cross posted a link to this blogg.A lady who has stayed anonymous took it upon herself to arrange this without any queries or discussion.but never mind they are only bloggs!

  13. Molly
    I think the problem is that Diddleymaz (if indeed she is the blogger referred to here,which doesn't seem certain)is perhaps no longer welcome to post blogs there, even though she initially did.
    I don't know if she was ever in the list of contributors to the Guild blog, but she is not listed there now.
    Perhaps someone has over-reached themselves and taken it upon themself to oust the blog author concerned without consulting the others. If so, I feel some sympathy for Reluctant Sinner et al.

  14. Posted before I read Diddleymaz's comment above.
    As she says,it's only a blog, but I am staggered nonetheless.

  15. I am stunned that one of our ladies has been barred from The Guild. Judging by some of the comments on their site, it looks pretty chaotic.
    Obviously there is a problem with ego's.
    Diddleymaz has it right, it's only a blog. We should not go where we are not welcome. Their loss is most definately our gain!

  16. Just to state publicly this blog is "owned" by the 37 blog authors not Mrs Jackie Parkes who is just one contributor..

  17. Also posts are fully in keeping with the teaching of the Catholic Church on faith & morals..though we don't presume we are saints!

  18. Jackie xxx
    Lovely Lizzie Laptop is smiling again.

  19. I love this blog, and it's the only "Guild" I am interested in belonging to. You have my wholehearted support, Jackie and Diddlymaz, and all writers. This blog is God-inspired and God-led, and I am proud to be a contributor!
    Autumn xx


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