6 Jul 2011

Mourning and weeping in this vale of tears

To have known joy means you must have experienced despair, to recognise the light you must have passed through darkness.
Life can be a bit hard sometimes, after great happiness periods of bleakness and sadness.
well lets say its a bit like that for me just now.
I have had some wonderful blessings recently, but just now I am beset my doubt, debt and despair.
 My financial situation was the same last month but it wasn't so much of a burden. my physical health has not really changed but when I am down it feels much worse, My family situation is no different really but now its problems seem harder and more insoluble.
My prayer life seems barren and stilted.
What do I do?
I ignore my doubts, I thrust them aside and bury them.
My pain is a new pain an ache in a different place how do I cope with this challenge?
I try to keep moving and doing something as long as I can, the pain is not less but I can ignore it while hands and eyes and brain are busy.
How can I pray?
I look at Mary holding her Son.


  1. Marion thanks for posting this. I can truly say I know how you are feeling..I have suffered with severe depression & dark nights during the last ten years. One thought to console you "this too shall pass"...prayers assured..

  2. Oh I meant to say..I got a touch of post-wedding blues! Perhaps you might have that?

  3. Undoubtedly, and the fybromyalgia means insomnia sometimes causes me problems, at 2am I was using the iPad to read about magic mormon underwear and temple rituals...strange were a search for veils can take you!

  4. Rotflol ! Good you still have your sense of humour!

  5. Glad to make you smile :)
    I know it's not your thing but I am wearing a mantilla for mass now.started at Corpus Christi. I'm using a small black chiffon sarong until I get me some lace!

  6. Thanks :) knowing that helps a lot I will pray for your intentions also


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