12 Mar 2014

Walking the Camino - Choosing How To React

This weekend the "arteeest" in me came to the forefront.  Knowing full well there would be reactions,  I dyed my hair pink.  After all, pink is my favorite color!

Yesterday morning, at Mass, my hair was a lovely salt and pepper color.  Nothing was extraordinary or different.

When I attended the Stations of the Cross, our soup supper, and the Novena of Grace, that evening, my hair was pink.

I looked around.  Some people avoided me.  Others avoided looking at my hair when they talked with me.  (They were surprised.)  I finally told one young priest, "It's okay to look at my hair.  It's pink."  He laughed with me.
One member of the parish came to me and said, "You did it!  I love it!"  Another person asked me if I knew how old I was.  Several laughed behind my back.  Truthfully, most people were surprised and did not know how to address this change. 

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