Are You Loving Like God? (OGW - 020)

This is it!  This is all we need to know and we can find it in Paul's Letter to the Romans, Chapter 13.

Paul brings up the commandments, but then, he says it:  "Love is the fulfillment of the law."

Are you being loving?  Are you giving of yourself?  Are you looking at a situation and thinking, "How can I help?" or, are you thinking, "I'll let someone else do it."

Listen to today's episode of Opening God's Word from Romans Chapter 13. Below, I have posted the special prayer that I use, which I mentioned in the podcast. 

Have a blessed day in God's Word.
Janet Cassidy (for the rest of the Uplifting Prayers for Times of Distress)

Here is the prayer about being In Union with God which always helps me when I need to look outward.  I hope you will like it as well.

In Union

Dear God,

To be in union with you is to want what you want, to do what you ask, to love what you love and to love how you love.

To be in union with you is to know that you know what’s best.

To be in union with you means to put aside feelings that are self-centered.

To be in union with you Lord is beautiful but challenging. 

To be in union with you is to let the you in me have free will.

Let me be in lockstep with you. 

Save me Lord. 

Save me from my faults and weaknesses.

Janet Cassidy,
July 24, 2019



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