To the Theater We go!

We were rushing to get to the movies to see the Downtown Abbey movie after we finished binge-watching the series and I was really excited to have the opportunity to go.

I had heard that they did some renovating at our theater, but when we got there, we were a little surprised.  We thought it was a little weird that we had to pick our seats while buying our tickets.  

I get that it will be convenient for those who buy their tickets online, so we don’t have to arrive “two hours before the movie starts” as the young ticket seller told us.  I haven’t gone to a movie two hours early—ever—but then I tend to stay away from “opening nights” anyway.

So we stood in a short line behind two women who had never been to our theater before, and we listened as the young man explained the layout for seat selection on the computer screen in front of them.  After some deliberation, they went on their way and it was our turn.

I quickly picked our seats without much thought as we were already running a little close to the start time.

We got into the mostly empty theater—there were maybe two people already seated—and decided we did not like the seats I had picked out, so we just took the empty ones nearby that were more to the middle.

As luck would have it, out of ALL THE SEATS in the empty theater, two people came in and we were in one of their seats.  We offered to move back to our seats, but they were very nice and didn’t care, so they chose seats other than the ones they had selected as well.  

So much for the new seating system.  Not sure who anyone would complain to anyway, if someone wanted to stick with their chosen seat.  It’s not like there’s anyone who stays in the theater to make sure fights don’t break out.

As you can imagine, for this viewing, the whole idea of chosen seats was quite ridiculous. (I admit it was 10 a.m., but it was the only time offered!)

Even more ridiculous to me is that they sell alcohol there now, and that they have VIP seating for $2.00 more.  Like I want to pay more for a movie ticket than we already do just so I can have a little tray in front of me.  (I’ll admit to being frugal.)

Anyway, I really liked the movie and that’s what counts.  I wish they would do serial movies with the Downtown characters.  The setting was so beautiful and the clothes were amazing.

While I cannot imagine getting dressed so finely for dinner every night or having the need for a maid to dress me, it is fun to consider that somewhere in the world this is someone’s reality.  The idea of a grown person needing someone to put on their jewelry or take off their scarf seems about as ridiculous to me as the seating selection system.

Oddly, the world isn’t always aligned with my way of thinking.  Sometimes I have to submit to the powers that be, namely progress.  I’m not against progress, generally speaking, and I do keep pretty up-to-date with things, but sometimes it takes me awhile to get on board.

I remember hesitating to get a microwave.  I thought it ridiculous that people would be cooking all their meals in it.  I figured this wave of the future would be an instrument of bland food.  I have mostly used ours over the years for warming up, so it’s fine.

Don’t laugh, but I remember seeing “www” on the side of a truck and commenting to my husband, “What is that?  I am seeing it everywhere.” (Enjoy this clip of Katie Couric on The Today Show around the time the Internet came into fashion. Hilarious.)

Just for fun, I also have to share with you a clip from Ellen of a young girl trying to do things that were very ordinary for most of us only a few years ago. You won’t stop laughing.

All of this has made me realize how much change I have already seen in my lifetime and it makes me wonder what we do today that will be outdated for our grandkids as they become mature adults.

I’d like to say that God will always be “in” and I expect that is true, but it is no joke to say that at this time there is a great need for those who believe in God not to keep him to themselves.  

We wouldn’t ever want anyone to laugh at believers or see belief as something that is outdated.  If people ask, “Who is that? I’m hearing about him everywhere,” hopefully we will have a better answer than Katie Couric did about the Internet!

Janet Cassidy


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