Singing in the Face of Evil

How do you stand up to a giant? With one smooth stone--prayer! The giant that is looking to crush religious freedom is on a rampage across the country. New Jersey is his latest victim. As too many cower in their homes, afraid to make waves or get noticed, (or perhaps stay asleep in their comfort) the giant stomps through our freedoms.

Our stone is prayer and gathering. Make our position known. Through peace and light, even the biggest obstacle can be overcome. Joshua marched with the footstool of Our Lord for seven days. The people of Jericho laughed, yelled horrible names at the Israelites, and did everything they could to make their efforts feel futile. Yet, he marched!

One of the greatest warriors of all time went to battle on his feet in prayer. And what happened? The walls came tumbling down! Will you help to pull down the walls of a modern Jericho?

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