Nativity of Saint John the Baptist

Today we celebrate the birth of Saint John the Baptist, the man who prepared the way for Our Lord. His preaching to the Israelites was prophesied in Isaiah: A voice crying out in the desert, ‘Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight his paths.’ (Is 40:3). Saint John the Baptist preached of the coming of the Messiah. John would baptize people at the River Jordon, with water. This baptism was a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. Yet, John always proclaimed a caveat that someone greater than himself would come after him. He prepared the Israelites for Jesus’ arrival and ministry. Jesus’ form of Baptism would not only take away our Original Sin, but all additional sins committed to date. John merely prepared the way for the Lord. Saint John the Baptist Saint John the Baptist is the son of Zechariah and Elizabeth, and Elizabeth is Mary’s cousin.  When Mary, pregnant with Jesus, visited Zechariah and Elizabeth, Elizabeth, herself, was six months pregnant. The child in her w…

The Best Roadmap Ever

For quite awhile I could not for the life of me figure out why the maps app on my phone would show me a route but not say it out loud.It is a little frustrating when you have to keep an eye on the app rather than just hear it say “In half a mile turn right,” but all in all I suppose that’s still better than having a big map unfolded on your lap like we used to do.
One day, quite accidentally, I realized that my app problem was caused by the Bluetooth icon.When it is turned on, my maps route becomes silent.
Anyway, as we make our way through the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus is laying down a roadmap of sorts for those who are paying attention. This gospel is packed with great advice for those who are striving for holiness. We should definitely be paying careful attention.
It teaches us not to judge others and assures us that God hears and answers our prayers.We are encouraged to “Enter through the narrow gate” which leads to life and beware of the wide gate and the broad road which leads t…

Who's with Me?

For awhile now my brothers have been teasing me about writing in my name in the upcoming presidential election.One even came up with a wonderful slogan:
“For a vote that can’t miss, vote for my sis!”
I like it.I’m ready.
But like I told my brothers, I will need to get a haircut first.
And, I suppose, some cash, backers, a comprehensive platform and all that other stuff.Then there’s the need to convince YOU to write in my name as well!
Who’s in?
I’m already making promises.My one brother is going to be Secretary of Camping; the other my co-campaign manager (I think I promised this position to our oldest daughter as well, which explains the “co,” but who remembers promises?)My third brother seems to be waffling in his support for me.I’ll have to work on him a bit.
If he joins me, I initially thought his working title would be Secretary of Literature (non-fiction) but since he wants to write a tell-all book about my childhood, identifying me as a wild child, I may have to put him in ch…

Come Back to Me - Book Review

Come Back to Me, by Carolyn Astfalk, is the second in a series of romance novels, centered around the Reynolds brothers. Where Chris and Rebecca Reynolds were the lead characters in the first book, Stay with MeCome Back to Me focuses on Alan Reynolds’ marriage to his wife Jamie. Come Back to Me Thanksgiving’s on the horizon, yet that does not stop Jamie from kicking her husband, Alan, out of the house! Alan has no clue what he did to deserve such treatment. On top of that, he has no job, and nowhere else to go, but to his brother Chris’ house. Newlyweds, and soon to be parents, Chris and Rebecca Reynolds welcome Alan into their home, allowing him to temporarily stay in what will be their first baby’s nursery.  That “temporary” arrangement lasts beyond Valentine’s Day! Will Jamie ever take Alan back? Will Alan ever figure out what he needs to change in his life to make things right with his wife? Astfalk created another entertaining story, with drips of drama throughout, that do not d…

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Don't Critique my underpants


Francesco's recipe for the economic crisis. (Spanish) La Economía de Francisco.

En estos últimos años las crisis económicas se han agravado en muchas partes del mundo y han desnudado los vicios de los sistemas económicos imperantes. Por un lado, el socialista en forma de dictaduras, han dejado una secuela enorme de pobres y migrantes. Por otro lado el capitalista con gobiernos obesos que han creado monstruos insaciables de riqueza y poder que todo lo engullen, hasta la libertad y dignidad del trabajo y la persona. Ante estos extremos que han mostrado sus garras y colmillos desgarrando al hombre, la fe católica responde con una tercera vía que se ve reflejada en un iniciativa del Papa Francisco llamada: “La Economía de Francisco” refiriéndose a la sabiduría de ese gran Santo en su visión trascendental del hombre, su modo austero de vivir y la forma de relacionarse con la naturaleza.

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