Selfishness is Unfulfilling

People who act selfishly do so because something is lacking in their life. There is a neediness to compensate for lack of self-esteem, money, prestige, and/or security. A selfish person looks out for himself, at the expense of others. By their actions alone, one can see that selfishness is unfulfilling.Selfishness is UnfulfillingFor example:When a person must be seen as #1, the best at what they do, it is usually because of low self-esteem. Even when they receive praise for their work, it rings hollow due to disbelief. Because of the low self-esteem, the selfish person finds it difficult in sharing credit with teammates, resulting in the perennial jockeying for first place among one’s peers, even at the expense of the efforts of others.A selfish and greedy person can never have enough money. The fear of being poor is intolerable. So, the selfish person climbs over others to get what they want. Yet, once they get more money, the need to obtain even more money surfaces. A vicious cycle …

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Pettiness is Unattractive

Have you ever felt drawn to a petty person? I seriously doubt it. Why? Because pettiness is unattractive. Pettiness makes a person look small. Classic example: The Church lady who gripes and complains about the most trivial of matters. You never hear a kind word from her mouth, and you cannot wait to get away from her. Petty people usually act that way to make themselves feel superior; as if their way of doing something would have been the better approach. There is an emptiness within a petty person that only God can heal.Pettiness is UnattractiveWhen someone feels so compelled to knock down the efforts of others, or to demean others, to build up themselves in comparison to others, we should feel pity for that person. The need for Christ’s healing is great, for the hole in that person’s heart and soul is great. I do not think anyone chooses to be petty, as it is an outcome of deeper fears and desires. Those fears and longings need to be addressed first, so that the healing can begin.B…

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Need Healing?

I passed a colleague in the hall one day at a conference that leaned towards charismatic discussions.  A person who is charismatic in the Catholic Church is one who feels a call to a particular way of life which involves prayer and, perhaps, a healing ministry, prophecy and so forth.I asked my highly-spirited colleague if he was a charismatic.  He said, "Well, no, not in the way you are thinking."What did he mean?He explained that although he is not involved in the charismatic fold of the church, he was charismatic in that he followed and was moved by the Holy Spirit. I immediately understood his distinction and appreciated his awareness that each one of us is "charismatic" in that we are sealed with the Holy Spirit at our baptism and we are unified with the Holy Spirit, who is one in the Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit).If you, too, are not technically charismatic, you may have some doubt about it.  You may be confused by the idea of people speak…

Are you inspired by my peroration?

Are you a word person?Do you love learning new words and their definitions?I sure do.Recently, I came across the word peroration in a footnote for a passage I was reading in 1 Corinthians (4:6-21) in the New Testament in the bible.Here’s the definition, and in case you are wondering, it’s a noun:“The concluding part of a speech, typically intended to inspire enthusiasm in the audience.”Paul was using an “emotionally charged peroration” to address the problem of divisions within the community (more about that later.)I never realized there was a name for a speech’s concluding crescendo that was designed to get us all fired up. I’ll bet all of the great speakers use a peroration to light up their audience.I would do that, too, except I will never be able to remember the word.It’s true. That’s my only problem.Well, maybe not my only problem, but definitely a frustrating one. How am I supposed to remember the great words I learn and use them when it is appropriate if my brain hesitates to …

Impatience Solves Nothing!

I think impatience must be at an all-time high for just about everyone these days, as we deal with the impacts of the coronavirus. How soon will we have a vaccine? How long before we can resume our lives as we once remembered them? Will life ever be “normal” again?  These questions are valid, and everyone wants the answers to them. But impatience solves nothing! We need to give the scientists the time needed to develop an efficacious vaccine. Otherwise, we will be back in the boat we are in now.Impatience Solves NothingThe only thing that impatience does is make us unhappy. So, right there that should tell us all that impatience does not come from God, because God is all good. He only wants us to be happy. Impatience is the work of the devil, trying to convince us that if we yell and whine louder, that somehow our desired results will come sooner. What folly!Patience, on the other hand, enables a person to endure elongated suffering with a graceful heart, all while maintaining one’s c…

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Intolerance is the Devi's Handiwork

We experience much division and disagreement in society today. The resulting intolerance is the work of the devil. He relishes in sowing division, because through this division, we collapse as a society. And Satan’s goal is to destroy us all. We see the intolerance in the political, religious, and racial arguments on the internet, television, and in the public square. Everyone chooses a camp and settles in, disregarding anything stated by anyone from the other camp.Here is my problem: I am a pro-life Democrat who believes in racial equality, as well as marriage between a man and a woman. So, I do not fit into any single political camp! I could say, I am divided within myself! Why? Because I espouse following God’s moral laws. No political camp, regardless of the issue, aligns totally with God’s moral laws. Even some religious camps do not always see things as God sees them. Why? Because we are all sinners.Intolerance is IntolerableI go back 30+ years to the Rodney King quote, “Can’t w…

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