8 Jun 2011

Priestly Grace

Priestly Grace

Loved, created, called, sent upon a mission
Ordained to follow, in obedient submission
Sustained, nurtured, cared for passionately
Guided by an unseen hand, close beside me
Held in the tenderness of a gentle embrace
Silently touched by God’s consuming grace
Captivated by this unseen force of the divine
Lost in emotional worship, praise so sublime
Praying consecrating words, in hushed tones
Trembling with respect, through to my bones
Grateful for the abiding, grace filled presence
Anointing me with a true sense of reverence

Patrick Brennan © 2010

I enjoy writing about the experience of being a priest. I wrote this last year and felt I wanted to repost it here as the last few posts have been about priests! Please keep praying for priests it helps!


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