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Hi there, ya'll!! =) A few weeks ago I made an appointment (haha, just kidding, my mom made the appointment.  Making it myself would require using the phone, and this introverted lass doesn't use the phone unless absolutely necessary) with my doctor to have him look at a strange rash all over my back and legs.  Turns out it was a pretty bad Staph infection, so I have been quarantined in my room for the past couple of weeks with nothing to do but read and search Amazon Instant Video for movies to take my mind off the itching.  One of the movies I tried was the chick flick "So Undercover" with Miley Cyrus (I was REALLY bored, don't judge) and the twenty-three minutes I watched of it gave me a lot to think about.  The main character is a tough, foul mouthed, slouchy young woman who spends her days riding a motorcycle around her town and working as a private investigator.  One day an FBI agent shows up and offers her a job where she would be working undercover as a

Sorry, Mom. No Pink for You.

My family got together Sunday to celebrate Mother's Day. Just a small affair, you know, since only 22 of us could make it. I laughed when I saw the pile of Mother's Day cards stacked up on the gift table: every one of them came in a pink envelope. © Sumetho/Getty Images Pink . Pink is so sweet, innocent, and calming. I remember reading an article once that claimed pink walls reduce aggression and cause physical weakness. I've never really liked pink. And it isn't the first color that comes to mind when I think of most moms, especially my own mom. My mom is active, clever, and fiercely loyal. I'm not sure what archetypal colors represent those qualities, but probably not pink. In honor of moms everywhere, pink-lovers or not, I offer a re-post of an earlier story about my mom. Read the whole story at Praying with Grace !