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Whispers in the Pew: Get Going!

This is the last of six articles for families on celebrating the Sunday Mass. My washing machine broke. A tiny plastic piece in the detergent compartment disappeared. Don’t ask me how—it’s one of life’s mysteries related to the Final Resting Place of socks that vanish from the dryer. Whatever. I ordered the part, tracked the package’s progress online, and ripping open the envelope, discovered my simple piece of plastic. Predictable enough, I suppose. Even so, I still felt a little thrill when I saw a package waiting for me in the mailbox. ©TABERNACLE BY CHRISTIAN BOWEN REDDINGTON (2012) VIA  FLICKR I can’t be the only one who hasn’t quite outgrown the charm of receiving a special delivery. Sending and receiving packages connects us to one another. And knowing a package is meant just for me—regardless of its contents—lifts my spirits. As our “Whispers in the Pew” series draws to a close, we consider the very end of Mass. Read all about it at Praying with Grace !

Whispers in the Pew

©Halfpoint/Getty Images Imagine it’s Sunday. As Mass begins, all sorts of people pour into the church. From the beginning of time, God knew this particular group of people would gather to worship: restless toddlers, sweet ladies with rosary beads, well-dressed grandpas, poorly dressed loners, families, doubters, maybe some saints and lots of sinners. People who are friendly, rude, self-righteous, mentally ill, grieving, grateful or lost are gathering under one roof. God created each with love, in his own image. Where are you on Sundays? If you have young children, maybe you sit in the back for quick exits and potty breaks. Maybe you favor the cry room, because your parish has one of the “good” ones that doesn’t make you feel like the whole family is in “timeout.” Please come on over to   Praying with Grace   to read the rest of this article about families' role in the Sunday Mass. Join in the conversation!