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Engage in Friendliness

Does it cost you anything to be nice? No. When you give a stranger a smile, it can be the opening to a new friendship. If you lend a helping hand, you learn what it means to meet the needs of others. People who always have a smile on their face, or who are the first to lend a hand, are the kind of people everyone wants to know. Why? Because they engage in friendliness! Engage in Friendliness If we each have one or two close friends in life, we are fortunate. These friends are the type of people who would do anything for us, and we would do the same in return. They are the very people who we feel safe to share our deepest thoughts, dreams and concerns. But, that relationship with one’s closest friend first started with the two of you being strangers. One of you engaged in friendliness toward the other, and from there the relationship blossomed. Think of the possibilities, if you were to engage in friendliness with others.  You just might meet the love of your life. Or, you mig

Embrace Friendliness in the New Year

Looking for a New Year’s resolution, as we close out 2019, and move toward 2020? I have the best New Year’s resolution ever, considering the degree of divisiveness and vitriol language permeating our society.  Embrace friendliness! Make it a point to make friends with someone new each month, especially someone with whom you may not see eye to eye. You might be surprised at what you do have in common. Embrace Friendliness It never hurts to be kind and amiable to others; to offer support. Perhaps you have a relatively new coworker who could use a friend. Help that person navigate the politics of the work environment. Or, maybe, a new neighbor recently moved in. Show some kindness by inviting them for dinner or assist them in finding their way around town. Maybe, you see a new face at Church on Sunday. Introduce yourself and your family. Welcome the new parishioners and let them know some of the great things happening at your parish. As you can see, there are numerous opportunit

Build Friendships, Not Enemies

If you’ve been reading most of my posts this month, you might have noticed that I am on a divisiveness awareness streak. February is supposed to be the month of love. Yet, in our country, I’m feeling anything but the love. All I see on the news, related to politics, is name-calling and bickering. Well, I’ve had enough of it! It’s time to build friendships, not enemies. Did you know that friendliness is a virtue? With what we see on the news lately, I would say that friendliness has become obsolete in the Halls of Congress and across the Trump administration. This attitude of unfriendliness permeates throughout our society, as well. It’s very easy to give people ugly nicknames on Twitter, or at a rally; thus, demeaning and dehumanizing them. However, it takes great strength to sit across the table from someone with whom you disagree with politically, and choose to find common ground upon which you can build friendships. The citizens of our country seem to lack the strength (anothe