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Interview With Ruth Hogan Herne: “Refuge of the Heart”

Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Catholic novelist Ruth Hogan Herne about her latest novel “Refuge of the Heart”.  Ruth is a gifted storyteller; I was captivated by the characters, plot and message of this novel before I finished reading the first chapter. Her prose is well-written, and the dialogue sounds true to life.  My reaction to this novel reminded me of the English poet and philosopher Samuel Coleridge’s term “the suspension of disbelief”. “Refuge of the Heart” passed Coleridge’s test of a well-written book because I forgot I was reading fiction. However, “Refuge of the Heart” is not merely a well-written Christian romance; it tackles complex moral and social issues with equally complex, multi-layered characters .  It is actually a parable about the triumph of faith and the strength of the human spirit to thrive, not just survive, adversity. continue reading