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Time for heart-to-Heart!

The following is a re-post from February—with a few new edits to now reflect the change in month to June , the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart ! First, a little riddle: What am I? …I’ve been considered the center, while holding many seats. I reveal your emotions & intellect, both the physical & the spiritual. Yet you might swear with me. And some will cross me… But I could melt, or become hardened. Sometimes real, sometimes not… Restless when wrong. Cured when open. I’ll sing for you, but best at keeping beat. In need of silence to hear well. Heavy or broken at times. Despised, pierced, forgotten. Still, without me there is no life; yet humble I am… What am I to you?    Yes. The one & only heart!  And although February is often considered the month of the heart within the secular and healthcare worlds ["American Heart Month"], there really is a much bigger and broader picture in need of seeing.  But initially, this is a picture that get