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Catholic Humour? Yup

Catholic humour almost seems like an oxymoron to the secular world, especially to cradle Catholics who no longer practice. Visions of grim, fasting, penitent saints wearing hair shirts rise up as phantoms from their childhood. Yet the truth is the saints are joyful, lighthearted and even funny. Enjoy this sample of Christian and Catholic humour, created by religious people who have learned to laugh at themselves.
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Can You Joke About Religion?

We are free to laugh and even enjoy religious humour because people who are secure in their faith understand their Father in heaven chuckles along with them. God actually has a sense of humour.
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Time For a Laugh

I should not have given up killing mice for Lent

Time For a Smile

It is good to laugh at ourselves. Thomas Merton wrote deep insights on contemplation and society but even he says that we often take ourselves too seriously. “I think the chief reason why we have so little joy is that we take ourselves too seriously. Joy can only be real if it is based on truth, and since the fall of Adam all man’s life is shot through falsehood and illusion.”   The best response to life’s absurdities and our own weaknesses is laughter. Melanie Once when Merton was asked how you can tell if a man has been through inner transformation, he replied that it was very difficult to tell, but it is usually accompanied by a wonderful sense of humour.
So with these thoughts in the back of my mind, I present  some Catholic humour for your enjoyment.
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Time For a Smile

Some Catholic Fun: 7 quick takes to make you smile because sometimes we take ourselves too seriously. 

"Nothing in man is more serious than his sense of humor; it is the sign that he wants all the truth." Thomas Merton

Joy cannot be held at heel. ... means to put our lives in the hands of God, especially in our most difficult moments.” — Pope Francis, May 23, 2014, via Twitter ...


Should You Smoke While You Pray?

While I was still in university, a Jesuit once asked me this question, ‘Is it alright for someone to smoke while they pray?’
My immediate, indignant response was,  ‘Of course not.’ So he challenged me, ‘Would it be alright for someone to pray while they smoke?’
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Broken Pieces

God turns broken pieces into master pieces
Discovered on Prayer for  Devotions