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Playing with the SAINTS!

Saint Gerard Majella:  Your playing with a group of new friends and one of them seems very weak and sickly so you don’t include him in the game–he seems too weak–but he is very friendly and so you smile and wave at him. A few minutes into the game your mom calls you and your friends over and asks if everyone would help her briefly to move the pile of branches to the curb for trash day.  Everyone readily agrees–even the weak kid.  As you are all working you notice that he is moving four times the amount of branches of everyone else.  You realize you misjudged him. This is sort of what happened to Saint Gerard Majella who was born in 1726 in Italy.  Saint Gerard’s skin always seemed pale and sickly.  When he applied to join a religious order as a young man he kept being denied, “You are not strong enough Gerard for this life.”  Three times he applied and still was told,”No.”  Finally the order of Redemptorists allowed him to enter their order.  They quickly learned to their sur