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Recipe for Holiness - Ingredient 4: JOY!

While some may consider strange occurrences in the world as coincidence - I definitely prescribe to what I refer to as the GODCIDENCE mindset! Why wouldn't the God of the universe, who created me out of love, not also want to show himself to me -- especially when I am seeking!!   "Seek and ye shall find!" Today's godcidence is brought to you by the letter J for JOY!! Though when this all began to fall into place, one would have never seen joy as the end result. Late Saturday night I received a private message on Facebook to pray for a young man who had been in a serious accident. I prayed, but went rather quickly back to my reading - feeling confident that all would be fine.   The next morning I learned, sadly he did not make it. My heart ached for the family's great loss; but also within those emotions was great shame and guilt for not praying harder. If it had been my son; I would have gone to my knees to beg God's mercy - regardless of

REVOLUTON of TENDERNESS — For We've Been Called OUT! ...By Pope Francis

I felt so inspired by Pope Francis’ homily during his last Mass in Santiago, Cuba — relating to the Visitation — on Tuesday, Sept 22 [thanks to EWTN] that I wanted to share it with you here. Below, therefore, is some of what I heard this day on being CALLED OUT (using my own notes which I took via the live translation on EWTN) ...and on the REVOLUTION OF TENDERNESS! >> Click Here To Read More At: The Way To Nourish For Life >>

Focusing on Pope Francis: Three-Day Quote Challenge – Day 2

“Faith is passed by contact, from one person to another,  just as a candle is lighted from another.” This quote and image illustrate the Holy Saturday Vigil. The church is dark. A bonfire, made from last years blessed palms, blazes outside. A priest lights the Pascal candle from this fire. He chants three times- once at the back of the church, once in the middle and again in front of the altar “Christ is the light of the world.” Then the celebrant invites the faithful to reach up and light their own tiny taper from this Pascal candle. The scene is powerful, as a slow but steady tidal wave of light sweeps through the congregation as each person lights their own candle, one from another. Soon the whole sanctuary is ablaze with a warm light, reflected on each face. read more

New Year, New Month, New Day, New Hour... NEW YOU!

" BEGIN AGAIN FROM SCRATCH ." (–says Pope Francis!) Lord, make me whole... that I may become the best version of myself that You will for me. [Now that's a good resolution — good for body, mind, and soul!] So as we resolve to reform... and begin again—whether now (at time of this posting) in the very first month of this New Year.. or on any given day, and everyday, on... let us look to true words of inspiration from homily of Fr. Wade Menezes (1/5/2015)... " God desires you to be the best version of yourself that He wills for you .” –Fr. Wade... >> Click Here to Read More at: The Way to Nourish for Life >> [including quotes from:  Saint John Neumann, Sr. Magdeleine of Jesus, and Pope Francis]