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The Interview

Interviewer:   "Hello,  and welcome to Mystical Talk Radio, I'm John of Mystical Talk.  We have with us a woman who says that she is a warrior in the true mystical sense of the word.  Welcome Miss Anne.  Now I want our listeners to know that Anne is not her real name, our guest only agreed to the interview on the condition that we not reveal her identity, is that correct Miss Anne?  Miss Anne:   "Yes." Interviewer:   "And Anne is not your real name of course." Miss Anne:   "No, I'm afraid not." Interviewer:   "Well tell us Miss Anne, our show is Mystical Talk Radio and from your book,  Encounters with St. Michael the Archangel . you claim to have encountered the mystical realm, is that correct?" Miss Anne:   "Yes, many times in fact." Interviewer:  "So the mystical realm is real, is that what you are trying to tell us." TO READ MORE OF THIS INTERVIEW... CLICK HERE . 

The Battlefield

A View from My Battlefield No warrior ever unsheathed their sword to wreak havoc on the enemy in the comfort of their living room.   Warriors need a battlefield.  Warriors, are called to go out, and if in a state of grace, to plead to the Holy God for those around them.   Being a Warrior can be.... TO VIEW MORE CLICK HERE.