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Catholics Must Encounter Jesus Christ

When Catholics venture beyond the walls of their parish church into the marketplace to evangelize, it is important that they remember the spiritual life cannot simply be taught to the unchurched because human persuasion alone will not convert anyone. Disciples of the living God are called to reveal His tangible Presence to those who are searching for salvation. When the Spirit of Christ flows through Christians who are His vessels to those who are hungry and seeking God, God is able to catch them in the net of His love. An Experiential Faith Christianity is above all an experiential faith, a living relationship with Christ. A Christian is not a person who merely accumulates intellectual knowledge about God nor simply fulfills tradition and the letter of the law. Pope Benedict and Pope Francis have repeatedly emphasized that Christianity is an encounter with Jesus. Many people perceive Christianity as something institutional — rather than as an encounter with Christ — which expla

Be an Everyday Evangelizer. Share your faith with these FREE creations this Christmas.

Be an  everyday evangelizer!   Share the real reason for the season with these free creations.  No matter  whaat your profession is... blogger, secretary, warehouse worker or retired.... use these free images  to share your faith.  Twelve are sized for use as cover images on your facebook page. They could also be used as headers on a blog.    Here are two of the twelve... I have also created companion images sized for instagram  sharing or other social media purposes. To see all  twelve images, please visit me on my Blog - EmbeddedFaith , or on Cyndi  Canva . Wishing you a most blessed Christmas.  

The Bride of Christ for Others

I was reduced to tears as I read Sarah’s summation about her impressions of   Forming Intentional Disciples: The Path to Knowing and Following Jesus ,   I was particularly struck by the idea of kerygma, the idea that Jesus is the whole reason for everything we do. Period. We have to have a relationship with Jesus. In fact, I want to break down and weep as I write now. So many people are cold, hungry  and outside the Church but they do not know where to look for the answers. I was one of the lucky ones .. and that thought has me breaking down again. He brought me into His Church in spite of myself God was so merciful and Kind.. I was  anti-Catholic . The teachings seemed almost anti-gospel to me. And then, while i still had a protesting, Protestant mind the Virgin Mary came to live in my heart. I remember the imagery that the Spirit gave me as I became a Catholic. And even more tears well in my heart. I stood outside a Catholic Church