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The matter of “bread” in recent headlines caught my attention, particularly because I specialize in food sensitivities and the matter of gluten-free diets. First appeared the headline:   “Get Ready  –  Signs Point to a New Attack on the Eucharist Coming Soon”  (by Msgr. Charles Pope) on why a potential proposal to permit the replacement of the bread used in the consecration of the Eucharist with yuca must be opposed... >> Click HERE to Read More at: The Way To Nourish For Life <<

Is Your Food Making You Sick?? From Anxiety To Arthritis… IBS to Insomnia… Migraine to Muscle Pain…

In a wide array of medical conditions and symptoms, it really is possible for Food Sensitivities to be playing a role—at least for some of us (who are many!). Examples Of Medical Conditions Where Food Sensitivities Can Play A Primary Or Secondary Role: "Sensitivities" are a type of inflammatory reaction... >> Click Here to Read More at: The Way To Nourish For Life >>