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The Dangers of Techno Pacifers

My contribution to  TENDER TIDINGS Spring 2015   is  The Danger of Techno Pacifiers.  ALL the articles are excellent in this free parenting resource for gentle, intentional, and attachment-minded parents: For most modern families living in apartments, townhouses, or even the suburbs, it takes a conscious effort to ensure little ones connect with nature and animals and, as a result, connect with God. Nature is suffused with the Presence of the Creator because God sustains and controls nature.  It seems to me children need to go outside where they can delight in the smallest details because their hearts sense the Spirit of God and His joy when they are in nature. Even adults are growing increasingly discontent with the hectic pace of the 21st century because it is an existence more plugged into technology than to people. Many are more comfortable texting each other than speaking face to face or even talking on the phone. This disconnect has devastating repercussions, also affe