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I Am Loved Retreat: The Gift of Love

What is the best gift you have ever received?  How about one that you have given? Learn how God loves and why the gift of love is the ultimate imitation of Christ.   Read the talk here at Veils and Vocations .

I Am Loved Retreat: The Royal Treatment

Who doesn't like to be pampered like a princess?  This talk is the second in my retreat series and explores how a princess of God should be treated.   Read it at Veils and Vocations !

I Am Loved Retreat: In the Father's Eyes

Early last summer, I had the pleasure of hosting a mini-retreat for preteen girls and their mothers.  It ahs been a long time in coming, but I finally am sharing the talks and resources from that retreat so that others can host their own.  To read the first talk, visit Veils and Vocations .