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Family is the Heart of Vocations: Part 1

Marriage was the first vocation instituted by God.  Adam and Eve were given to each other in service and love for the purpose of producing offspring for the LORD.  There were no priests before the Fall, for the LORD God walked throughout the Garden of Eden.  Man for the first and last time since the dawn of time, could freely meet with God face to face.  Adam and Eve's purpose was not only to serve each other, but to lead each other in praise and obedience to God.  Their children were meant to be raised up for Heaven and to spread the perfect Love of the Father to the ends of the earth. Read more at Veils and Vocations .

7 Ideas for Giving Your Children a Vocations' Mindset

Vocations being at home - as small seeds planted in the hearts of children, that, with the proper care and feeding can develop into lives of self-giving witness to the Gospel. Parents can and should plant these seeds in their domestic churches. If you are looking for ways to promote an openness to priesthood or religious life in your children, grandchildren, classroom, homeschool group, etc. -  click here   for ideas, resources and prayer support for giving your children a vocations' mindset.

One Sister Can Change the World

At the heart of my blogging is the hope to inspire others to pursue the religious life.  I prayed and thought deeply for years about joining a religious order and living the consecrated life.  In fact, for 95% of our engagement, my husband and I spent time considering and praying for vocations. We both felt that we might have been called for religious vocations and did not want to marry until we were sure that marriage and children was our God ordained vocation.  I have children that I want to lead deeper to the faith, but also that I want to open up the door to possibly serve as a priest, nun, deacon, etc.  It has been difficult to find any resources to help in teaching about the vast opportunities for girls in vocations.  I began Veils and Vocations as a means to explore that very topic and bring the resources I did find to other mothers, like me, who were searching for them. Enter the Imagine Sisters Movement more at Veils and Vocations .

Catholic Sisters Week March 8 through March 15th

It turns out that Elizabeth Ficocelli and the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation have a lot in common. Ficocelli authored a series of children’s vocation-awareness books with a beautiful entry titled “ Where Do Sisters Come From?” Elizabeth has shared her story behind the vocation-awareness series on Catholic radio and on a number of Catholic websites and in print. A convert, Ficocelli explains how her own interest in understanding consecrated life was the impetus behind writing the first entry “Where Do Priests Come From” which was then followed by “ Where Do Sisters Come From? .” The final entry in the series is “Where Do Deacons Come From?.” So when it was recently announced that March 8 through March 15 th is Catholic Sisters Week, Ficocelli was not surprised. Her own passion for helping young children learn about vocations was acknowledged in that announcement. Ficocelli’s life work and the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation had oddly crossed paths around the consecrated life