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Kurdistan Update and Free Student Planner

I recently concluded my "blogging break"/family vacation. We had a wonderful month visiting friends and family in the U.S. and, as always, wish we'd had time to see more! Now we're back in Erbil, Kurdistan. Many of you have no doubt been hearing about Iraq and Kurdistan a lot on the news recently, so I thought I'd give a brief update and ask for prayers. Here (Erbil) is currently still safe, and we are all praying it stays so. Erbil has received many of the refugees that have fled from other regions. Most people here are trying to more or less continue normal life, while also helping the refugees as much as possible. The Church is very focused on helping people continue going forward. Erbil and the Kurdistan region has been developing very quickly and succeeding at maintaining a peaceful and stable region. We are working very hard to continue trying to foster that peace and stability, in spite of all that's going on in the surrounding regions.A lot of inte