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Man Up! on EWTN this week

Jared Zimmerer, author of Ten Commandments of Lifting Weights and Man Up! Becoming The New Catholic Renaissance Man is currently on EWTN's Women of Grace television series with Johnnette Benkovic in a 5-part series about Catholic men. Man Up! Becoming The New Catholic Renaissance Man received honorable mention in the 2015 Catholic Press Awards for Gender Issues and speaks well to the dilemma facing men in general today. The ideas of heroism, virtuous living, and recognizing and honoring what masculinity truly is are central to Jared's work. Jared himself has wide appeal as both a man of intellect and a man of physical strength. He builds his body as well as his spirit and in that way walks the talk quite well. Contributors to Man Up! include Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, Kevin Lowry, Kevin Vost and other great voices for our times. The foreword is offered by Fr. Dwight Longenecker. The Women of Grace episodes are available to watch online if you aren't able to catch them on…

Gender Issues

Congratulations to Jared Zimmerer for his Honorable Mention win in the Gender Issues category at the 2015 Catholic Press Awards! Jared's book Man Up! Becoming the New Renaissance Man is a gathering of twelve voices who speak to a variety of topics.  They include: Fr. Dwight Longenecker: Foreword; Jared Zimmerer: Where Have All The Good Men Gone?; Jesse Romero: Do Not Be Afraid of the Culture of Death; Marlon De La Torre: Theological Manhood; Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers: Biblical Manhood and many more! Author Zimmerer is an avid weight lifter and sought-after conference speaker whose first book is the popularTen Commandments of Lifting Weights.

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