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Want a Difficult Lenten Discipline? Just Try Self- Publishing

A good self-mortifying exercise for Lent?  Look no further than your local self-publishing site. Actually,   Smashwords    publishing  is  wonderful, explaining every step with diagrams and in ordinary terms  in a  Smashwords Style Guide. . .but I am a technological idiot. After days of fumbling, forcing myself to work as if I was technologically intelligent, I finally self-published a short, free e-book on Smashwords.  The bonus of this ordeal is now, if anyone is stuck while trying to self-publish, just ask me..I made all the mistakes.    continue reading Link to  Echoes of the Divine “Melanie Juneau—motherofnine9—knows that a woman’s ground of creativity lies as close as her child’s heart. In her delightful stories and memories of mothering nine children, she shows how a Christian mother bathed in love brings all the power and light embodied in her faith to that most important sphere of hope, the family. ”— Isabel Anders, author of Blessings and Prayers for Married Couples