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When Church Means Pain, What's a Parent to Do?

Parents of special needs children face additional challenges taking their children to church. But parents with children on the autism spectrum struggle mightily to ensure their children learn the faith.   This weekend, on Pentecost (of course - thanks, Holy Spirit for the gift of wisdom), I learned why one of my friends was unable to attend church - and the huge hurdles facings parents with autistic children, children with learning disabilities, children with intellectual disabilities and sensory processing disorders and more - to even take their children to church. Read the whole piece on my website, here: When Church Means Pain, What's a Parent to Do?

Autism Acceptance and Morality

April is "Autism Acceptance Month." Some organizations have called it, "Autism Awareness Month," but because so much of the negative advertising of many autism charities, autistics like myself have re-titled the month, "Autism Acceptance Month." It seemed most charities only wanted to make people aware of the negative parts of autism, leaving out the good parts!  I've had a tough time accepting my autism since the day I was diagnosed. The part I hate most about it is that I need help in areas and ways that other people don't. Because of that, I feel like I'm not equal to other people. So, "Autism Acceptance Month" has given me a lot to think about. Autism is a difference in neurological wiring. Although some aspects of this are disabling, they are balanced by the many strengths we also have. Autistic people generally have a great eye for detail, an unparalleled conscientiousness, sincerity and honesty. In general