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No, I Don't Want to Pay for Your Contraceptives!

It seems that you can hardly navigate the internet these days without running across a hate filled diatribe against the “evil old men” who are trying to “take my contraception from me!!!!”  It’s usually accompanied by something about how women have fought long and hard for these “rights” and how the “Roman Catholic Church needs to stay out of my bedroom.”  The standard, unoriginal arguments show the complete lack of understanding for the actual issue that is being argued at the moment, but in the past few days I’ve seen it taken even further, with hatred being spewed at “friends” on facebook that is downright evil.  I’ve seen someone say to a friend that people who believe that contraception is wrong should be “wiped off the face of the earth” and I’ve seen incredibly disgusting rants filled with profanity and obscene references to bodily parts that would make a demon proud.  But the previous sentence telling in itself isn’t it?  My reference to demons?  Because I very much

Nice to Meet You!

Hi Everyone! I’m Cam and I usually blog over at A Woman’s Place… Since January of this year I’ve also been doing a second blog that I dubbed A Year of Dresses . It’s mostly just pictures that I manage to snap, hopefully before baby food or paint or mud go flying across my clothes, which always seems to happen at some point in the day. I’ve been meaning to do an introduction post for a few days, since I got the invitation to join the group (I was very excited to learn about this site and to be invited to join!), but things have been a bit crazy here. My husband graduated on Friday with his Master’s in Theology. Perhaps just as great an accomplishment was that he survived 3 years at a “Catholic” university that proudly claims to be “the most liberal in the country” despite his very orthodox outlook on life. Because of the graduation we spent the weekend in “The City” with the entire family to celebrate his accomplishment (and to attend graduation since he commuted around 250 mil