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Book Review: Hail Mary, the Perfect Prayer

Peter Ingemi, in his blogging persona as  Da Tech Guy , is a Massachusetts-based writer and political reporter whose blog is a staple for conservatives in the region. The writers Ingemi welcomes on his blog (a group that includes me) all get fair warning before coming on board that the boss is unapologetically Catholic. In his new book, Ingemi puts aside political reporting and takes up a labor of love:  Hail Mary: the Perfect Protestant (and Catholic) Prayer  [Imholt Press, 2017, 80 pages, $6.99 paperback, $2.99 Amazon Kindle e-book]. Ingemi is donating a portion of every sale to his local Catholic radio station in north central Massachusetts. The book’s title is intriguing and perplexing at the same time... Read the rest of the post at


Since October is Mary's month, another devotion to our Lady How to pray the Chaplet of Our Lady of Perpetual Help The Chaplet of Our Lady of Perpetual Help is  prayed on the regular Rosary of Mary. Each decade has one prayer for the larger bead and another prayer that is said 10 times for the smaller beads. It goes as follows: On the larger beads:                                     "O Mother of Perpetual Help, Listen to our pleading souls, You can help us in our needs, Mary, with hope, we call on you." On the smaller beads: "O Mary, help us!  When completing each decade, say: "Mary has helped us, Mary wants to help us, Mary can help us. Mary will help us." After completing the five decades of the Holy Rosary, on each of the 3 small beads, say the  Hail Mary... , this followed by the  Glory Be... . Upon completing the Chaplet, say the following prayer:"We fly to your patronage, O Holy Mother of God. Despise not our petitions in o