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10 Minute Daily Retreat: October - Gift of Knowledge

“I the Lord search the heart     and examine the mind, to reward each person according to their conduct,     according to what their deeds deserve.” Jeremiah 17:10 The gift of knowledge is summed up beautifully in this passage. It is like an heirloom of jewelry sometimes given to European children – each receive a piece that is similar in its element and age but the jewelry itself is different depending on the child’s position in the family. 
The youngest child might receive a bracelet. The middle child might receive a necklace. The eldest child might receive their mother’s wedding ring. 
In the same way, the Lord gives us various capacity of knowledge according to where he born us in society. He expects us to use this gift to the best of our ability.
Overall, the gift of knowledge is the appreciation of the heirloom that God has given to us – not wishing for the wedding ring if we were given the bracelet but using the full value of the wedding ring if we have been entrusted with it. 

10 Minute Daily Retreat October: Spiritual Gift of Knowledge

'From the day we heard, we have not ceased to pray for you, asking that you may be filled with the knowledge of his will in all spiritual wisdom and understanding.' Colossians 1: 9
Reflection by Malcolm Davies
When I was first a Christian I was convinced that I would grow so rapidly that I would be totally mature and integrated within a few years.
The reality was that each small part of growth would be followed by a challenge where I realised that my growth would be very slow.
One book that helped me on my journey was Interior Castle by Teresa of Avila. In that book Teresa describes the journey to spiritual maturity and how long it would take. 

I felt encouraged because I could see in my own life some growth that she described and challenged because there were insights that I could not embrace at this part of my journey. 
I have come to realise that God is patient and I have to be patient with myself, and others, as well. Read on: