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Forget Free Sex. We Want Free Chocolate!

The Supreme Court decision in  Hobby Lobby  allowing corporations not to pay for abortifacient contraceptives on conscience grounds infuriated many. Some activists responded by rearranging the goods on Hobby Lobby shelves to spell out slogans such as "Pro-Choice" and "All Women Deserve Birth Control" in order to demonstrate their  mature femininity    fitness as sexual partners    political savvy   anger. (For more equally emotional responses,  click here .) The battle cry seemed to be  "We want our non-procreative sex and we want it for free!" "There is this new attitude that 'if my pleasure is something I deem good, then you should pay into it and enable me as well,'" commented one of my friends on Facebook. With utterly inescapable logic, she concluded that, based on this reasoning, the government should subsidize her daily ration of dark chocolate as well. The argument is as follows: Read more here...