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10 May 2017

PODCAST: A Confession Chicken Comes Clean

Once incredibly fearful of the Sacrament of Reconciliation - my experience with a friendly, enthusiastic priest changed all that.  Have you ever been called back into the confessional?  

While I still get butterflies before a Confession [discomfort is good indication of contrition - more of that in the podcast below] over the years, the Holy Spirit has shown me what a true GIFT participating in this Sacrament is.  Do not thin of it as being made to go but of actually BEING ALLOWED to go to Confession!  God provides this amazing experience of actually HEARING the words, "Your sins are forgiven."  That is not all He gives us - he also takes our guilt, shame, and pain and fills us GRACE! His Holy Spirit within us, that Spirit which helps us to strive closer toward holiness, and so much more! 

12 Apr 2017

Forgiveness: A Lenten Message

Who Do You Have to Forgive

truth is, we all have someone to forgive(1)," writes R. Scott Hurd, in the very beginning of his life-changing book Forgiveness: The Catholic Approach ("Forgiveness").

The following is Scott's list of people we may need to forgive; the comments in the parentheses are my two cents.

1. Rude drivers (very appropriate for those of us who live in Massachusetts)
2. Spouses (thank goodness for Sacramental Grace - that is all I have to say!)
3. Friends (they can hurt or betray us, or over time may become our "frenemies")
4. Bosses (those who steal our ideas, treat us unjustly, or are just plain grumpy)
5. Bullies (even as adults we can find ourselves faced with cruel people)

But Wait, There's More!

I would add:
1. Ourselves (often the hardest person to forgive)
2. God (It is okay to admit this, He will not send down lightning to smote you for being honest.
Furthermore, let's face it: He already knows you are angry. If He created your brain, don't you think He can also read it!?)

We cannot begin the healing process if we do not first acknowledge that we need to forgive, and then identify who that person is. I have encountered people at my retreats and presentations on forgiveness who admit they really can't think of anyone they are angry with. 

Read My Response HERE ...

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19 Dec 2013

On the Morning of Confession

'When our Lord is with us, 
light is poured abroad
on life's path, 
light is shed around
in the house of our soul,
His own living Tabernacle.... 

'On the morning of Confession, 
show Him round the house; 
show Him what needs repair;
show Him where thieves 
break in and steal; 
be busy telling Him all, 
and beg of Him the grace 
of perfect contrition.'

(from Fervorinos From Galilee's Hills, compiled by a Religious, Pelligrini, Australia, 1936, p. 223) 

from The Breadbox Letters

12 Dec 2013

Prepare the Way of the Lord - The Sacrament of Reconciliation

Examination of Conscience
Sacrament of Confession

    Yes, I am of the old school.  I still call the Sacrament of Reconciliation the Sacrament of Confession.  Like a rose, by any other name, this Sacrament is a Sacrament of great graces and peace no matter the name. 

Read the entire article at "His Unending Love."  Click HERE.

17 Mar 2013

One Tired Priest...

I went to Holy Confession yesterday - they were having a 12 hours of grace of confessions, Father Eric Johnson was in the church (Our Lady of Perpetual Help) hearing confessions. I came after work so I didn't get there till about 6:30 p.m. - confessions ended at 8 p.m. When I walked up to Fr. Eric I was smiling because I was happy to see him and then I saw how tired he was.   By the look in his eyes and his posture - I could tell immediately he had been there a while. Concerned, I asked if he was alright, and he said he was.

Then the beautiful sacrament began, and something wonderful happened! It was like Father Eric was given a special grace, bolstered by the sacrament and he no longer looked tired anymore - he was totally present, attentive, along with someone else, our Lord, I could feel it.  As I listened to his instruction I could see the compassion in his eyes and it hit me how much he was giving to me, he was giving all, not because it was his job, but because of a deep love for God and for me. Me, someone he just met not very long ago. 

As I walked away after absolution this realization hit me, he had not only given this all for me, but all those before me and the ones that would come after would get the same 100% from him. I so wanted to help him in some way, but how? I wondered if he had gotten anything to eat at all during these long hours, if he was hungry or thirsty. But I knew there was nothing I could physically do for him, because I knew that at this moment the sacrament was more important to him than food or drink, or even rest. So as I prayed my penance, I wondered what I could do - the only thing I could do was to  pray for for him that God would help him with whatever he must do to be our Priest.

This is why we love our Priests, because even if they don't realize it, we DO SEE and appreciate what they give for us - they give all. 

Thank you Father Eric, thank you for being one of God's Priests and giving me such a beautiful gift in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, for I realize that in giving all sometimes doesn't mean giving your life, sometimes it means sitting in a hard chair for hours so that souls can receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation and will not be lost.  God Bless you. 

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