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Forgiving, in an Unforgiving World

I don’t know about you, but lately, I am finding it difficult in forgiving others for egregious deeds. My head is swimming with all the guilty pleas/convictions from the Mueller investigation within our government. I’m appalled with the news of the priestly sex abuse scandal and cover-up. I’m disappointed with the people in power, both in government and in the Church, who stand by idly and do nothing to bring about justice. With every great sin, the sinful do not want to see the disinfectant of transparency and accountability come knocking on their doors. When it does, it is like a proverbial “bomb” explodes around us, covering us in the sinner’s filth. That’s how I am feeling lately. The Mueller investigation is racking up one guilty plea after another, with multiple indictments and convictions. Everyone who is guilty is looking for a plea agreement and immunity from prosecution. The “bomb” has exploded, and I feel the filth of corruption, and it makes me sick. With the alarmi