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Introducing - Victor S E Moubarak

Victor is an occasional contributor to this Blog and a frequent reader too. He is well recognised in his town by the blue cowboy hat with orange feather which he always wears and colorful shirts with red tartan trousers. He also wears different colored socks - red and blue, or yellow and orange, green and mauve - to remind him which one is the left and right foot. He started a campaign that socks should be sold in threes rather than in pairs, to make it easier to get a matching pair when you pull them out of the drawer. He speaks French fluently and once ordered a whole meal in a restaurant in French to impress his guests. it was an Italian restaurant. Whilst in Paris years ago he had lunch at one of those out-door open-air restaurants where they put the tables on the sidewalk so that you may enjoy the view. As soon as he was served his meal it started to rain ... not much rain, just a light constant drizzle. It took him ages to finish the soup! A very cautious man who

Introducing Victor S E Moubarak

Victor S E Moubarak Occasional contributor to this Blog, and published writer, Victor Moubarak was born at an early age as a baby a long time ago in a far away northern land where men were strong and big and tough and women told them what to do. He soon realized he was born into poverty when his mother carried him around in a supermarket plastic bag instead of a pram. Like many children Victor learnt a lot from his parents. They taught him quickly the love for adventure. He used to come home from school and find that they had moved house. Undeterred by these setbacks Victor never knew the meaning of failure; he always had to look it up in the dictionary. As a young man he determined to do well in life and decided to get on the stage … the first one out of town. He joined a traveling theater and performed many times as the front end of a pantomime horse; but he decided to quit whilst he was ahead. In life Victor has faced many ups and downs, especially when working