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A Fruitful New Way Begins--In Thanksgiving

       In thanksgiving, always, let us pray... Dear Lord: Today we give thanks for our many blessings,        as we pray for those in need. We give thanks for our family and friends,        as we pray for those who are lonely... We give thanks for our good health,        as we pray for those who are ill... >> Click Here to Read More at The Way to Nourish for Life >> [with 5 Fruitful Reasons to love the Cranberry]  Let's Taste and See!

"Let's Be Fruitful!" Feature: The Red Grapefruit

Hello!  I really wasn’t planning on this post, until I saw such fresh-looking beauties today at the local market.  So I thought I would share with you a short post of mine [that I did earlier this fall for another site] to simply review some of this fruit's wonderful attributes...  Attributes known (per available research) to help protect cells from ongoing assault & damage that could otherwise foster disease & illness, including: cancer, cardiovascular disease, macular degeneration, & infection! Value of the Red Ruby  -- Red Grapefruit! Being Fruitful! ...with my Florida Reds The Red Grapefruit is admired for its: Vitamin C , Vitamin A , and P ectin/Soluble Fiber; L ow- G lycemic Index Rating; L ycopene (a carotenoid) + other powerful P hytochemicals; Reported s upply of l ittle t o n o traces of pesticides, per the EWG.   -- Peak grapefruit season relates to where it’s grown, but generally from late fall through spring in the USA [Texas/Florida,