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A Woman of Faith Ages Gracefully, Right?

You’ve discovered what it truly means to be “young at heart.” The wrinkles around your mouth and the pouchy jowls have no effect on you. You see the varicose veins in your legs and feet as a sign of victory—having carried children and lifted the loads of life. You are able to make fun of your bat wings and still wear sleeveless shirts in the summer. That’s what it means to grow old gracefully; it is a sign of maturity of spirit. Something we attain while we nurture others and as we, ourselves, learn and grow from life’s experiences. Yeah, not so much… read mroe here

The Things I Wonder About. Do You?

I know my purpose here on earth is to love and serve God so that I can spend eternity with Him in Heaven… But at my age, even having some of the answers to life’s bigger questions doesn’t mean there still aren’t a few things I wonder about… For instance, I was recently watching a rerun of I Love Lucy and found myself saying out loud—to no one in particular: I don’t remember Ethel being so young and pretty! In fact, she’s beautiful! How did I ever miss that? Or there was the time I was answering questions for a survey and wondered why my age group was the last choice. I thought everyone was living longer. Was I mistaken? Shouldn’t there be an age group after mine? I felt it was important to bring that to the attention of the gal conducting the survey: Have you not updated your survey recently? You know people are living much longer now and there is no way I should be in the last age group!   And yet on that same survey, my income was in the first, lowest