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We Love Blue… Let Us Count the Ways

BLUE – and the BLUEBERRY – Mean and Do so much ! The color BLUE can “MEAN” — Symbolize or Represent : Sky, Sea, Air, Water, Cleanliness, Calmness, Tranquility, Stability, Integrity, Fidelity, Sincerity, Power, Success, Knowledge, Understanding, Healing, Contemplation, Faith, Trust, Virtue, Depth, Vastness, Sorrow…   No wonder it’s the color often associated with our Blessed Mother — Woman Clothed with the Sun; Star of the Sea; Fountain Sealed; Virgin Most Pure, Most Faithful, Most Powerful; Our Lady of Peace; Our Lady of Victory; Our Lady of Good Counsel; All Fair and Immaculate; Health of the Sick; Ever Virgin; Full of Grace; Mother of Wisdom; Mother of God, our Mother; Our Lady of  Sorrows. The color BLUE of the Blueberry also can “DO” — NOURISH :  with highly beneficial blue-related pigments within plants packed with phytochemicals ... Click Here to Read More at The Way to Nourish for Life... including info about this lovely s tar berry o f blue , plu