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"Let's Be Fruitful!" Feature: The Red Grapefruit

Hello!  I really wasn’t planning on this post, until I saw such fresh-looking beauties today at the local market.  So I thought I would share with you a short post of mine [that I did earlier this fall for another site] to simply review some of this fruit's wonderful attributes...  Attributes known (per available research) to help protect cells from ongoing assault & damage that could otherwise foster disease & illness, including: cancer, cardiovascular disease, macular degeneration, & infection! Value of the Red Ruby  -- Red Grapefruit! Being Fruitful! ...with my Florida Reds The Red Grapefruit is admired for its: Vitamin C , Vitamin A , and P ectin/Soluble Fiber; L ow- G lycemic Index Rating; L ycopene (a carotenoid) + other powerful P hytochemicals; Reported s upply of l ittle t o n o traces of pesticides, per the EWG.   -- Peak grapefruit season relates to where it’s grown, but generally from late fall through spring in the USA [Texas/Florida,

A Fruitful New Way Begins

Today is our very first “Let’s Be Fruitful” feature!   How fitting, then, to begin with…… The North American Cranberry – just in time for Thanksgiving, of course – But it’s really a fruit to be grateful for all year long!  Check out these 5 fruitful reasons why. THE CRANBERRY IS: Fresh Cranberries--EF 1.)  Nutritious :  Vitamin C, Potassium, Manganese, Fiber, and more; Rich in Phytochemicals, particularly from the Flavanol family [such as Quercetin, Proanthocyanidins (PACs) & other Polyphenols]. 2.)  Unique :  The Cranberry’s proanthocyanidins (PACs) are “A-type” [rather than B-type present in most other fruits], which are credited for giving the cranberry its special anti-adhesion properties, known to be of benefit to the Urinary Tract system (anti-infection). 3.)  Multi-Talented :  These unique PAC compounds are now believed to benefit other areas throughout the body, including the: ● Cardiovascular system (due to anti-atherosclerosis properties), ● Gastrointest

Let's Be Fruitful!

New page created today on The Way to Nourish for Life [called "Let's Be Fruitful"]  to focus on the riches of a fruit-filled diet,  as well as a Spirit-filled life!   So how fitting, therefore, to begin with the words of Mother Teresa...