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'Please stand to welcome our celebrant, Father . . .'

 Pope Benedict celebrating Mass ad orientem in the Sistine Chapel on the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord 2008 when he baptised 13 children. In this post I don't wish to enter the area of controversy. I'm simply sharing some experiences and thoughts . A very irritating experience I have here in the Philippines occasionally is when I am invited to celebrate Mass on some special occasion such as a recollection day for students. Usually there is a commentator. I would love to see this role abolished, since it serves no useful purpose. Many parishes here still have someone telling them when to sit, stand or kneel, which is not the business of the commentator at all. The General Instruction of the Roman Mass No 105 b) clearly describes the commentator's job: The commentator, who provides the faithful, when appropriate , with brief explanations and commentaries with the purpose of introducing them to the celebration and preparing them to understand it better. The commentato