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I Gave God a Little ... and He Outdid Me (again)

Lent is a time to focus on our discipline of prayer. Here is a prayer story from November, 2015: After completing my  54 Day Rosary Novena jaunt around the house  - I felt compelled to begin another when given a small tattered copy of  Rosary Novenas to Our Lady  (see image below) by a stranger when I attended a friend's Ultreya to hear her give her testimony.  As one who believes in GODCIDENCES (if you ask me there are no coincidences in life especially in spiritual matters), there was no way I was going to ignore this invitation from Our Blessed Mother to spend another month and half in prayer with her! The grace and blessings as I closed on the first 54 days was truly remarkable!! One of the most miraculous moments came when I went to my bank on November 30 - prepared to beg for leniency with overdrafts I was sure had been incurred after paying an unexpected HUGE house bill and then a creditor unwilling to hold off on their payment for just a few days, withdraw another la

Becoming the Best Prayer Warrior You Can Be!

Without exception, God calls each believer to become a prayer warrior. While some believers are uniquely gifted as intercessors and their prayers seem to flow right out of their spirit,  all  are nonetheless expected to intercede for others. But how do we respond to that call to mediate for another person—especially if intercession is not one of our gifts and we stumble along in our attempts at intercession, feeling inadequate and even inept? How can we answer God’s call upon us and become the best prayer warriors this side of heaven? Abraham is the first example of intercession as he speaks to God about Sodom and Gomorrah and gives us a couple of excellent clues on how to be a prayer warrior. First and foremost, Abraham models a personal relationship with his God. Think about it: which of our personal relationships allow us to be most like our real selves? Which of our relationships encourage us to be open and honest? It is always those relationships that are

How much is enough?

Once I was at a meeting with a group of church leaders. One woman there was the mother of a teenage daughter. She was lamenting how some of her daughter's friends had gone astray and she was wondering how we could keep our own children from going astray. One of the men spoke up and said, "We just need to pray continuously for them!". This didn't sit well with me. Afterall, how much prayer would be enough? Also, that seems to put it all on us. It also makes God out to be an ogre who witholds his mercy and grace from his children. Continue Reading>

Three Steps to Becoming Your Own Best Prayer Warrior

Miriam loved being a prayer warrior for her church and her friends. She took the job of pounding on heaven’s doors very seriously. In fact, being a prayer warrior was very much in line with Miriam’s own gift of intercession. Unfortunately, Miriam was plagued with the false idea that while other’s deserved healing and wholeness and miracles, she did not. And this false belief led to less and less successful intercession for others as Miriam’s own needs for healing and wholeness and miracles continued to be unmet because she did not feel she was worthy of heaven’s help. Many, many Christians suffer from the same false belief that Miriam experienced. Countless Christians feel unworthy of heavenly intercession; but nothing could be further from the truth. Indeed, it behooves every Christian to become his own, best prayer. Read more at picture:  ID 37530342 ©   Dharshani

A Witness!

Lately I have been keenly aware of how influential my words and actions can be. Everything I say has potential to affect someone else's life. My children have a book written by Madonna called  Mr.Peabody's Apples . This book spoke to me the moment I read it. It is about rumours and how fast they can spread. Similar to the feathers in a pillow that has been torn open, a rumour is like the feathers, one can never get all those feathers back. I realised that my words are like tiny feathers and they are impossible to get back once spread out in the wind.  To Read more Click here.


I  don’t want to argue about the reality of the communion of saints, both the living and the dead. I just want to encourage believers and seekers with the thought that there are tens, hundreds, why maybe thousands of saints, most of whom we will never meet, who pray for us, who are in communion with us. The Holy Spirit is  my companion, but in His Body, He has gifted me with many other faithful companions, and Agnes is one of my special friends. Most people have never heard of Agnes Sanford (1897-1982), but she has been and, in fact still is, a dear friend of mine. She was an interesting woman who was born to missionaries in China, married an American Anglican ( Episcopalian), and became mother to three children. Agnes suffered postpartum depression. The doctor finally diagnosed her as suicidal after one of her children came close to dying. A tiny flame of hope was lit within her heart after prayer healed her son physically, and she slowly began the process of her own emotion