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Tis a New Season (Part IV) – A New Year – A New Day…

A NEW BEGINNING! [with MATTERS TO NOURISH BY] Time, then, to look at what CHALLENGE #3 shall be:  It's actually you ! Can you believe it?  Chances are, at some point (especially early on), your own self will start to betray your desire for change, and will challenge your ability to continue on your New & Improved Way. This is because our mindset & emotions & thoughts can either work for us or against us. STRESS – BOREDOM – WEARINESS – LONELINESS – SADNESS – ANGER – WORRY – even HAPPINESS So it’s very important for us to recognize & address it… To take action; and talk back to the negative voice within that keeps saying things like: BUT IT DOES MATTER . New Season – New Year – New Day – New Way ! FOUR more TIPS for 2014 are... ► Click HERE to Read More on "The Way to Nourish for Life" including The Little Way.