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Advantage #3 of Having a Large Family - We Can't Helicopter Parent!

As parents of Large Families, we advocate for our children, we communicate with our children and their teachers and friends but we don't hover over them because we simply can't. There's no time! Have you ever heard of the term Helicopter Parent or Hover parent? I was indeed a Hover parent with our oldest. He would sneeze and I'd be at the ready with a Kleenex and a doctors appointment within seconds. What happened to my hover parenting days was 5 children. Once I had our second, our third and so on there just wasn't the time to hover over each child the way I did with my first. I now see that as a blessing although at first the inability to helicopter parent over each child came with some real guilt. In the past few years, our oldest (I will call him J for privacy reasons) has been diagnosed with severe anxiety and now a new diagnosis of ADHD. We have learnt to advocate for J by encouraging communication with his teachers.  Click here to read more!

Advantage #2 of Having a Large Family - We reuse the world's leftovers!

Winter gear and skates can cost a fortune for any family but not if you buy these items used. While the masses are out buying the latest and newest versions of technology, large families are accepting your gently used last years models. To read more click here