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Same-sex 'marriage' and 'The Emperor's New Clothes'

I posted this yesterday on Bangor to Bobbio. I've simply copied and pasted. The British Parliament  yesterday voted in favour of a bill  that would legalise same-sex 'marriage' in England and Wales. A majority of the Conservative Party that governs in a coalition with the much smaller Liberal Democrats, voted against the bill which still has a few hurdles to jump over before it becomes law.  Three days earlier the French Parliament voted in favour of a similar bill, though it too has some way to go. Hans Christian Andersen It might be good if those who voted in favour of the absurdity of same-sex 'marriage' would either read Hans Christian Andersen's  The Emperor's New Clothes  or listen to Frank Loesser's musical rewriting of the story [video above] for Danny Kaye to sing as he played Hans Christian Andersen in  the 1952 movie  of the same name. Illustration  by Vilhelm Pedersen, Andersen's first illustrator.