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Embracing Justice in the New Year

Justice, in the eyes of God, is viewed a bit differently than we, humans, view Justice. Giving God His due through worship, praise and thanksgiving is justice in God’s eyes. Respecting one’s neighbor’s goods and family is justice in God’s eyes. Embracing Justice, as God would like us to do, is not as easy as it sounds. The number of people who take the time on Sundays to worship God; to give Him praise and thanksgiving, is dwindling as each decade passes. We, as humans, are not giving God His due. In addition, we, as humans, fail to give the rightful respect due to our fellow men. Look at all the bickering you see on the news; the divisiveness rising in the country and around the world. Types of Justice Justice resides in the will of every person. Yet, a truly just person distinguishes himself by right reason and upright conduct. There are three different types of Justice. These forms of Justice enable us to live up to the call of giving one’s neighbor their just due: Read