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Wait Is a Four-Letter Word

Download the pdf file Here’s a crazy topic to be discussing, but I was so perplexed, I thought I’d throw is out and see what you think.  I’m a bit a news hound, I love a good news story, and I feel like the art of great journalism is fast becoming a thing of the past!  I’m constantly scouring the Internet for relevant, well-written articles, especially those of the Catholic nature.  When … lo and behold, I came across a reference to the L’Osservatore Romano—the Vatican’s daily newspaper.  Oohing and aahing, I ran for my computer to become a subscriber.  Yes, I read about this in a hardback book, imagine that!  Unfortunately, my source refers to L’Osservatore Romano as the world’s dullest newspaper.  I ignored the lack of a ringing endorsement, hopping on the Vatican website in anticipation of viewing a copy within minutes.  Not so fast.   I was first redirected by a notice to subscribers: We would like to inform all our subscribers in the United States and Canada that The Cathedral