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Saying No to God

As Catholics, we make a lot of Mary’s fiat. Her “yes” to God. And rightfully so: we get how that “yes” gave us a chance at salvation. Unfortunately, in seeking to imitate Mary, we have almost crushed ourselves with consequences of a life filled with our own “yes” responses and have, ultimately, been saying “no” to God without often realizing it. Somehow we have translated Mary’s “yes” to mean that we ought to say “yes” to everything that comes our way—to every idea that pops into our head and to every opportunity to do something good; we’ve mistakenly believed that our lives are meant to be filled with fiats when, in truth, these fiats have often taken us away from God. They have filled our lives with obligations and busy-ness that may not actually be God’s will for us. I’m at the age where all my friends and acquaintances are caregivers of one sort or another. They are grandparents doing everything they can to help pick up the slack and they are volunteers at a variet

January 1: Mary, Mother of God and Me

Today we honour Blessed Mary Ever-Virgin,  Most Holy Mother of God because she is  the True Theotokos – God Bearer – Dei Genitrix. Let us pray As we begin this New Year let us accompany the Mother of God in following her Son. Let us fall deeper in love with our Saviour. On this Solemnity of Mary,we focus on her vocation as the mother of Jesus; she is the “Theotokos,” the Holy Mother of God. The Church, at the Third Ecumenical Council in 431 AD, bestowed that name upon her emphasizing not only who Mary is but also who Jesus is – fully God and fully man. She was not the mother only of His human side but of God Himself in human form . As a mother I have written about the fact that when my babies were born, I was reborn as a mother.  This is what I see happening to the Blessed Virgin Mary as well; the birth of Jesus transformed her into a mother but not just of the physical infant Jesus but of God himself and of all of us. Mary is my mother, too.  So join me as I walk with th