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Tis a New Season (Part III): Greeting − and Meeting − our Next Challenge (with More Tips to Nourish By)

Our CHALLENGE #2:  PEOPLE!  Yes, many different people :  F amily members, Friends, Co-workers, even Strangers this time of year... In many different ways , from subtle & sweet to downright aggressive & controlling ... [People-Pressure] From people who may wish to be supportive of our desire to do things differently [more healthfully], but don't really understand how to be of help; to others who may actually discourage or sabotage our efforts, preferring we didn't change our ways, even though such changes would be for our ultimate good. Yet, if we only had to meet this challenge just once in a rare while, such as on Christmas day, it really wouldn’t be a big issue at all.  But for many of us, however, it’s a challenge that we must often face, several times a week or even daily, especially during this season, from Thanksgiving through New Year's Day, which is why Challenge #2 can be the problem  that's been taking “option C” out of t

"Let's Be Fruitful!" Feature: The Red Grapefruit

Hello!  I really wasn’t planning on this post, until I saw such fresh-looking beauties today at the local market.  So I thought I would share with you a short post of mine [that I did earlier this fall for another site] to simply review some of this fruit's wonderful attributes...  Attributes known (per available research) to help protect cells from ongoing assault & damage that could otherwise foster disease & illness, including: cancer, cardiovascular disease, macular degeneration, & infection! Value of the Red Ruby  -- Red Grapefruit! Being Fruitful! ...with my Florida Reds The Red Grapefruit is admired for its: Vitamin C , Vitamin A , and P ectin/Soluble Fiber; L ow- G lycemic Index Rating; L ycopene (a carotenoid) + other powerful P hytochemicals; Reported s upply of l ittle t o n o traces of pesticides, per the EWG.   -- Peak grapefruit season relates to where it’s grown, but generally from late fall through spring in the USA [Texas/Florida,

Tis a New Season (Part II Diet Tips): Are You Prepared?

Sorry to keep you waiting on pins & pine-needles for more Holiday-Time Tips!  After all, it won’t be too long before we find ourselves entering our Super Bowl season here instead... But, thankfully, it’s still only the first week of Advent: our Season of Hope & Preparation. How Wonderful! Yet it can also be a season of many challenges—to body, mind, & spirit... A time of year that's well known for setting us back (if not completely derailing us) on the way of wellness & weight management. So is it hopeless, then, to believe our year should be ending [and our liturgical year beginning] in a better, more healthful way??    Of course, it’s not hopeless!!  ...And hope (& triumph) can certainly be found through the very thing that the Season itself proclaims to us with joy … Be Prepared ! :)  It is in being prepared that we will best meet the extra challenges of this extra busy time of year! And in recalling the initial “Tis a New Season” post

Tis a New Season

Tis the Season to Eat, Drink, and… a. ) be unhealthy—and stressed? b. ) be bloated—and fatigued? c. ) be joyful—AND nourished! Hmmm. Yes, it’s that time of year again… “the most wonderful time of the year”, of course! But as we begin to unpack our Christmas decorations, do you feel as though it's time once again to leave all your wellness goals, and good intentions for health, back upon the shelf?   Have you been lead to believe that being joyful and well nourished, at the very same time, just isn’t an option during the holidays??  But it is!  It is!  It’s a very real option… a pro-active choice that we have---that can actually make us feel better when we awake on January 1st – in body, mind, & spirit .  Oh, what a great new start that could be!  OUR OPTION "C" !! But it’s really less about our actual Thanksgiving and Christmas-day meals; and rather more about our approach to the whole 35-day season [last year it was 41 days] that will reall

Be Set Free

  Something to Think About: What has your food (and way of eating) been doing to you… and for you? There truly is a better Way.  

Loving Yourself and Your Body

A dear sister-in-the-Lord recently shared her enthusiasm with me in regards to 6 pounds she had shed. I smiled and congratulated her and gave her a big hug. Six pounds – an awesome accomplishment, indeed! Of course she looked the exact same to me as she did before she lost the 6 pounds but I kept that little realization to myself. In other words, I thought she was perfect. Her physical beauty and her spiritual beauty were so interconnected, from my perspective, that had she gained weight I would not have noticed either. But those few pounds made a difference in how she viewed herself and how she believed the world viewed her. My own self-perception is just as fragile. I have never been known to purchase clothes that actually fit. I view myself as needing clothes that are always at least one size larger than the “real” me. My own body image still suffers as a result of many comments made to me while I was a young teenager. Body image is something that affects almost all wo