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Best Posts for NFP Awareness Week 2014

Last year's guest post for NFP Awareness Week by James of  continues to be  one of the most popular posts on the blog . This year, we'll give you a roundup of the best NFP Awareness Week posts from all over the web, including James', of course. Thanks to readers Tara, Scott, Ellen, Susan, Cat, and Mary Lou for their suggestions. If you know of other great posts that should be added to the list, please share the link in the comments! 1.  What is Natural Family Planning , by James of RealCatholicLoveandSex. James emphasizes that Natural Family Planning is actually a misnomer. Charting the signs of a woman's fertility is more of an education in her own body. We endanger our own happiness by making idols of our plans, as many couples learn when they use artificial birth control to prevent pregnancy for many years only to face infertility problems when they finally "plan" to conceive. 2.  The WINNER'S Guide to NFP , by Simcha F

Forget Free Sex. We Want Free Chocolate!

The Supreme Court decision in  Hobby Lobby  allowing corporations not to pay for abortifacient contraceptives on conscience grounds infuriated many. Some activists responded by rearranging the goods on Hobby Lobby shelves to spell out slogans such as "Pro-Choice" and "All Women Deserve Birth Control" in order to demonstrate their  mature femininity    fitness as sexual partners    political savvy   anger. (For more equally emotional responses,  click here .) The battle cry seemed to be  "We want our non-procreative sex and we want it for free!" "There is this new attitude that 'if my pleasure is something I deem good, then you should pay into it and enable me as well,'" commented one of my friends on Facebook. With utterly inescapable logic, she concluded that, based on this reasoning, the government should subsidize her daily ration of dark chocolate as well. The argument is as follows: Read more here...

Writing History Before it Happens.... - Another great guest post on NFP!

I  am so very excited to share this post with you. As far as I'm concerned we need to hear more from our husbands who are also part of the NFP journey. Tom writes a beautifully written piece on his and his wife's journey with NFP and I am proud to have it be part of the NFP collection. Thank you so much Tom for allowing me to have your post on my blog. I am truly grateful. Please check out Tom's blog  where he writes more about his return to God through the Catholic Church, you're going to love it! Writing History Before it Happens: Pope Paul VI, me, my wife and our journey toward NFP  By Tom at Recently I was considering what my primary responsibility to my wife is as her husband. Is it helping out with the dishes? Folding the laundry? Taking out the trash? The nearest thing I could come up with is that, although all of those things are helpful and contribute to running the hous

Back to the Catacombs

In the future the Catholic church will again be despised as it was when it was beginning. The culture will rise up against the church all over the world. The Holy Mass will be outlawed and the Holy Mass and the sacraments will go underground again. The weaning out of those that will not be able to stand those times has already begun. Many will not be able to stand the pressure that the culture will bring to bear on our faith. They will just fade away quietly, but fade away they will. In many hearts is not the fortitude to stand up to what is to come as we are again attacked for our faith. What will be left is what we had in the beginning of the church, no weakness, faith as strong as iron, those who don't "believe", they KNOW.  The remnant will not only give all they possess, but not even deny God their own blood to be shed for the faith, for they will know that if God wills, it is by shedding their blood that there is victory and many will be saved.  Now is not th