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Hearts and Letters and Grilles, O My

Hi - I'm Nancy.  So glad to meet you!  I know that in the blog world I look a lot like a grille (not the kind you cook on, although if you have a nice filet mignon on hand, please feel free to throw it my way).  It's actually a pretty good likeness.  I'm kinda square, working toward becoming hole-y, trying to stop my habit of making Shamefully Lame Puns.  If you've checked out The Cloistered Heart, you might know what the grille means to me. I also do a blog called The Breadbox Letters .  There I share old paintings, writings (mostly from saints), and occasional stories about.. oh various and sundry things.  Like the husband I had when I was eight , and blue velvet ribbons on purple cake, and about the day I tried to get Sister Rita to put her shiny white pearls on over her habit.  You know, the usual.    When I'm not blogging, I love spending time with my family, spoiling my grandchildren, reading, and watching stacks of "undetermined accumulating

To ALL Writers: Introduce Yourselves

My name is Melanie Jean Juneau and I have been the administrator of this site since the summer.  I invite ALL WRITERS, even if you are veterans, to introduce yourselves and your blogs,then leave a link. If you are comfortable, a picture of you or a snapshot of your blog would help us connect with you. With the help of Cristina T, a new writer here, I just organized my blog and added a static home page. With my mush brain, I needed a bit of guidance but I really like it now. I am starting to think how to organize archives for ACWB next! Come see my new home page on joy of nine9   Melanie Jean Juneau is a wife, writer and mother of nine kids who blogs at  joyofnine9 .The very existence of a joyful mother of nine children seems to confound people. Her writing is humorous and heart warming; thoughtful and thought provoking with a strong current of spirituality running through it. Part of her call and her witness is to write the truth about children, family, marriage and the sacre

Contemplative Homeschool will help you and your family see Jesus everywhere

Greetings, Ladies (and you few gentlemen who are members of or visit this site). Thank you for the privilege of joining you in spreading the Gospel on the internet. I'm Connie Rossini. I'd like to introduce you to my new blog.   Learn how to pray and live the Carmelite way I began writing at in November. Unlike many homeschool blogs, Contemplative Homeschool is not so much about daily life in my family as it is about growing in Christ. I believe the best way to keep our kids Catholic and to educate them in the faith is modeling prayer and virtue for them. I write a lot (about half my posts) about how you can grow closer to Christ. As a former member of the Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites (OCDS), I write from a Carmelite perspective. Let your homeschool be an outgrowth of your own prayer time I use my own unit studies based on The Golden Children's Bible for daily instruction. I meditate on one of the Bib

About Me, a Brief Introduction

I am a new contributor to The Association of Catholic Women blog.  Jackie asked that I introduce myself. It might be better if someone who knows me well did the honors.  I can’t be very objective, but I’ll try.  My name is Ruth Ann (Keller) Pilney.  I am a native of Chicago, Illinois, where I was born and raised.  My heart lives in Chicago!  Currently I live in California with my husband Jim, who retired two weeks ago, from his work in manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.  The two of us will have been married 33 years in June.  Our daughter, Catherine is married to Andrés (Andy). In 2008 I retired.  Now I enjoy the freedom that retirement brings.  Among other things, it gives me time to write, read and study.  Writing is something I like to do, and I do it often.  However I don’t write professionally, and never have.  Instead, I write letters, emails, and journals---and essays for my blog.  In school I did scholarly writing, and I liked that.  I ventured into blogging abo

An Introduction...From the Heartland

Good morning and greetings from America's Heartland! My name is Valerie, and recently I was invited by Jackie to become a contributing author here at the Association of Catholic Women Bloggers .  What an honor and a privilege to be asked to keep company with such deeply spiritual and courageously-active faith-filled Catholics!  I have to's been a couple of weeks since Jackie read this post and offered up her invitation to me.  Since then, I have had a bit of writer's block...perhaps allowing the Deadly Sins of pride and sloth to interfere with me sharing my walk of faith!  I often allow my fear of "being wrong" to paralyze me, thus missing out on some incredible opportunities to share the richness of our faith with others...and to learn some lessons myself.  Believe me when I say, I'm striving to better display those holy virtues of humility and diligence! Right now, the season of life that I am in is that of parenthood.  And while